Saturday, June 14, 2008

Blog Abandonment

Hello Peeps....

Blog abandonment... bidazzle <--- erm on the word to access my new blog link)

Getting sick and tired of this current blog.

At least i can lock my entries in wordpress.

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Monday, June 09, 2008


Feeling so goddamn deprive... of EVERYTHING!!!

i lack sleep
i lack exercise
i lack homecooked food
i lack money
i lack shopping
i lack movie kakis
i lack time
i lack love
i lack car (yes....i am gonna get one but ppl says i nid to monitor coe troublesome and i hv been warned, buy a car and u r stuck in sg for the next 10yrs. How how how....)

So wat's a girl to do when she is feeling tis way... she goes on retail therapy.

Having bot a pair of heels, two jackets, one skirt, two tops and fluid vest, two storybooks and some lingerie.... it seems like i havent really shopped yet *they were all bot online*

Mebbe it is time to hit the malls.

And i tot sunday is supposed to be a happy turns out most sundays are spent rather in order to make myself happy.... i did some car research tis evening... and now i hv a car i really wanna buy....shall reveal it only when i got it... :)

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Interesting findings

LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

Interesting.. and i tot laser was a word (oh well, it is a word) and not an abbreviation of some sort.

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Another Sniff Worthy Song

Gotta watch the variety to understand why this song is so nice lah...Go youtube and search for "We Got Married" under Alex and Shin Ae.

Original singer is Loveholic but i like the Alex's Version ... u will understand why when u go search for it in youtube. Btw, the title in imeem is wrong... it is flowerpot not plant.

*Sniff sniff*

Alex (from Clazziquai) - 화분 (Flowerpot)

멀리서 멀리서 멀리서 그대가 오네요
Faraway, faraway, faraway, you come from a distance
이 떨리는 마음을 어떻게 말해야 하나요
how must my quivering heart speak?
그댄 처음부터 나의 마음을 빼앗고
from the very start, you took my heart
나을수 없는 병을 내게 주었죠
and gave me an illness i couldn't recover from
화분이 될래요 나는 늘 기도하죠
I want to become a flower pot I constantly pray

*난 그대 작은 창가에 화분이 될게요
I want to become a flowerpot by your window
아무 말 못해도 바랄수 없어도
even if i won't be able to say anything
가끔 그대의 미소와 손길을 받으며
from time to time, i'll receive your smiles and touch
잠든 그대 얼굴 한없이 볼 수 있겠죠
and i could watch your sleeping face

멀리도 멀리도 멀리도 그대가 가네요
faraway, faraway, you're leaving very far away
떨어지는 눈물을 어떻게 달래야 하나요
how must i stop my trembling tears
그댄 처음부터 나의 마음을 가졌고
from the very start, you stole my heart
나을수 없는 병을 앓게 한거죠
and made me suffer from an illness i couldn't recover from
화분이 되고픈 나는 늘 기도하죠
I want to become a flower pot I constantly pray

난 그대 작은 창가에 화분이 될게요
I want to become a flowerpot by your window
아무 말 못해도 바랄수 없어도
even if i won't be able to say anything
가끔 그대의 미소와 손길을 받으며
from time to time, i'll receive your smiles and touch
잠든 그대 얼굴 한없이 볼 수 있겠죠
and i could watch your sleeping face

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Like A Child

Very sweet song *sniff snifff* dat me and my gf got crazy over.

김동률 - 아이처럼
Kim Dong-Ryul - Like A Child

사랑한다 말하고 날 받아줄때엔
After telling you love me When you accept me
더이상 나는 바랄게 없다고 자신있게 말해놓고
I say to myself confidently that I have nothing else I need
자라나는 욕심에 무안해지지만
Although I feel worried With my growing greed
또 하루종일 그대의 생각에 난 맘 졸여요
Thinking about you all day and night

샘이 많아서 (아이처럼)
I have alot of envy (like a child)
겁이 많아서 (바보처럼)
I have alot of fears (like a fool)
이렇게 나의 곁에서 우는게 믿어지지가 않아서
I can't believe that right now you are near smiling at me
너무 좋아서 너무 벅차서
I am so happy that it's overwhelming to me
눈을 뜨면 다 사라질까봐
I fear that when i open my eyes Everything will disappear
잠 못들어요
I can't fall asleep

주고 싶은데 (내 모든걸)
I want to give you (everything)
받고 싶은데 (그대 맘을)
I want to feel (your heart)
남들처럼 할 수 있는건 다 함께 나누고 싶은데
Like others I want to share everything with you
맘이 급해서 속이 좁아서
I feel anxious I became envy
괜시리 모두 망치게 될까봐
Like everything will disappeared
I feel worried

웃게 해줘서 (아이처럼)
Laugh in front of me (like a child)
울게 해줘서 (바보처럼)
Cry in my hug (like a fool)
이런 설렘을 평생에 또 한번 느낄 수 있게 해줘서
Let me feel the love again in my life
믿게 해줘서 힘이 되줘서
Please believe me Give me strength
눈을 뜨면 처음으로 하는 말 참 고마워요
When I open my eyes The first word I want to say is
참 고마워요
Thank you so much

내게 와줘서 꿈꾸게 해줘서
You are here by my side Like a dream
우리라는 선물을 준 그대
Its you who give “US” as a present
나 사랑해요
I love you

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Better Late Than Never

This might have been an entry that came too late... it's been so many days since the Sichuan Earthquake. But dear friends, have you all made the donation already? If not, please do so, go to and do your part for the fellow human beings on Earth.

Was watching the donation drive on TV and this particular story saddens me alot. Below is the excerpt of what was on TV earlier from an article found online...

" 抢救人员发现她的时候,她已经死了,是被垮塌下来的房子压死的。她双膝跪着,整个上身向前匍匐着,双手扶着地,支撑着身体,象古人行跪拜礼,身体被压的变形。
在她的身体下面躺着她的孩子,大约有三、四个月大。因为母亲身体的庇护,他毫发未伤。被救出来的时候,他还安静的睡着。包裹小孩的被子里,塞着一部手机,屏幕上是一条已经写好了的短信。“亲爱的宝贝,如果你能活着,一定要记住我爱你!” "

Just a brief translation to my best ability for those who are unable to read chinese... Rescuers found a dead woman being crushed to death by her falling house in a kneeling position akin to that of a praying position. Underneath this woman was her baby, all wrapped up and sound asleep and with a handphone in the bundle with words on the screen saying "Dear baby, if you are still alive, please remember that I love you."

This is freaking freaking sad lah... a mother's sacrificial love so that her baby could live.

This is just one of the many thousands of sad stories from the earthquake. So people, please please do your part and donate whatever you can afford. Even a small amount of $10 can make a great difference and furthermore we are all working adults, I am sure we can afford more lah... just buy one Tee/Shoes/Bag less, skip a meal or give the cab a miss and take public transport or watever and DONATE....people....DONATE!!!!

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Farking Good Morning!!!!

As many as 100 years ago, everybody who noes me noe dat I do not wake up early on a Sunday except when there's very important things to do like wakeboarding or going to the beach. For everything else, i dun give a damn.

But on this farking morning, i was disrupted from my sleep by some really irresponsible ass who "shitted in their pants and I have to wake up and help wipe their farking ass". I am sick, I am reduced to speaking with a squeak and I have hours of sleep debt to pay off!!!!! And that prick has the audacity to speak back and sound really rude when I am the one here at home clearing up the damn shit.

And now I cant sleep!!! My Sunday is screwed.

Farking farking pissed....

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Speed Racer

Whoever said that Speed Racer is NOT nice to watch is darn right!!!!

Because Speed Racer is VERY NICE TO WATCH. Went to catch the movies with two of my frens (a guy and a gal) and both agreed that it is great! Mind you, these are not Rain-crazy fans like me (erm... actually i am quite over him too) Probably a case of out of sight, out of mind. I actually was not as enthusiastic about watching the movie as I tot I would be but oh well... it was a great thing that i watched it afterall.

Anyways, the movie's graphics are pretty cool and there's quite a fair bit of comedic moments. Applause to the casts as a bulk of the movie is filmed in blue screen which means really only means they have really excellent acting skills. And oh, Matthew Fox is freaking hot. But my fave in the movie is actually Chimp Chimp, cute...very cute.

Next up is SATC.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

i am a murderer... arrest me.

It was a beautiful sunday evening, well not really...cos it is darn humid. Oh well, wat i really wanna say is that I have singlehandedly brought about the demise of my beloved laptop.

Call me a smartypants cos i tink i really am... i was trying to do some housekeeping on my laptop and transfer my precious collection of mp3 and vids to my external harddisk. By an unfortunate twist of event, i believe i have deleted some vital files in my laptop. So anyways, after my not-so-scrumptious dinner, i went back to a screen that was black with a blinking dash on the top left hand corner.

Tinking it could be my external harddisk prob, i happily unplugged it and went on to reboot my laptop... alas.... error message "Fatal System Error" and den i reboot again... i saw "Operating System Not Found!"

I am damn damn corked lah.... luckily all these happened only after i finished my backing up. Otherwise i might give myself a death sentence.

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