Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Impossible Quiz


The Impossible Quiz

It is really kinda impossible...there's hundred over qns and it is damn addictive.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

A Day Of Blessings and Joy

First and foremost, 생일 축하합니다,우리비!!!! Today is my idol's bday so i had a mini celebration with my dear nephew at Bakerz Inn...with pasta and desserts. Lol... Lame reason to indulge. As i dunno my idol... i had no way to buy him anything so ... wahahaha.. i bot myself a pair of shoes for his bday.

2ndly, I've gotten my wishes in more ways than one. I am ultra glad. Amidst all the not so happy things around me, i am glad that tings are finally straightening out for me... the path ahead seems so much clearer.

All things good have happened today (",)y

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1st time in XX years (paiseh.. cannot disclose. those who know my age will noe, those who dun.. too bad lah) i strike 4D sia.. hahaha.

Actually i only won $40 cos it is ibet but still at least tis proves something... i am not exactly that sueh la.

24062007... i will nvr forget tis day. tis day will go down in my personal history.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

De-cluttering my life

Dear frenz... sorry that i hv been busy and that i cant mit u all as often as i would like to. i forsee that i will still be busy till i am done with decluttering and reorganising my life.

Threw out alot of stuffs (clothes, shoes, sentimental shit that doesnt mean a thing anymore) to make space for new stuffs.

Threw away all the emotional baggages that hv held me back for the past few years

Springclean all my mp3s, vids and pix in my pc and laptop

Deleted all the unimportant ppl that i possibly will nvr get to mit or talk to ever again in my life from my frenster and msn

I reckon the decluttering process shd be done soon.

Next is the reorganising part.... that should take a few more mths.

Till den i will assign more time to my personal and social life....

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Day To Remember

Met up wif my long lost nephew yesterday. It has been years since i last saw him.... at least a good 12-14yrs i tink...lost count. All thanks to the power of technology (aka frenster and msn)!

It is really nice to know that the once little terror who used to be living under the same roof as me is now all grown up and is a totally sweet & polite young man. A far cry from the days when i suffered under his constant "bullying". Lol. Oh not to forget... he is rather cute too, as alwis.

He's a boy that deserves more credit that he tinks... i tink if he is any older ... he wld be the exact type of guy i wanna date. Cute, Tall, Polite, Sweet and Sincere. Lol.

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Friday, June 15, 2007

tinking back... i guess i prefer to not hv anything to do wif that trashy ex. i can do better than thinking abt revenge.

just hope that dumb ger dun come peek at my frenster anymore... cos it seriously gets on my nerves.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

the dumb gf of the trashy ex

Now i am not pissed that she came to view my frenster again... but more so that i find it amusing cos i tink she is really dumb!!!

firstly, as i said before... my frenster is on private profile and i believe she herself knows that. By coming to peek at my frenster... it simply tells me a few things about her...

a) she is dumb!
b) she is feeling insecure... (must be hvg problems wif the bf again.... MOVE ON... U IDIOT! seriously just move on!)

for those who doesnt noe anything abt tis trashy ex... probably i shall give abit of insight.
wasted the best years of my life on that ***hole only to hv him cheat on me and refusing to let go. yes i was the idiot who had been emotionally abused and total manipulated by him for the longest time. But hey... no more of that and i am proud to hv survive it all. he cheated and apparently isnt ashamed to admit that he sleeps around and he even had a gf after me (which is the abovementioned dumb ger). Anyways he tried to dump her a few times over the course of their one yr plus rlsp cos he tried to ask me back la. anyways luckily i was smart enuf not to fall for his dirty tricks cos i managed to expose him each time. And so the last straw came when he said really bad things abt that ger & tried to get me back. Was totally disgusted and i tot i oughta just spill the beans on him...

And so i warned that stupid ger in my email abt wat was going on and she happily just went "dun worry.. i know everything. i will take good care of my bf!"

Seriously, if she wanna be dumb, den i tink she shd play dumb forever la... dun come peek at my frenster wondering if i actually am still in contact wif that son of a bitch. she is like giving herself away and the dumbest thing she put on her frenster shoutout is..."ignorance is a bliss" (lol... i am rude but hey that's bad english, but that's wat she wrote and so i quote). wanna luff when i saw that, i noe it is really rude but seriously wat good does she see in such a man that doesnt cherish her at all and cheats outright.

Anyways freaking freaking glad i am no longer under the thumb of such a psychotic lovecheat. Ppl like him cheapens the meaning of love. He will hv his retribution i believe... like mebbe herpes... *lol*

wondering if i shd email that dumbass again and ask her wat's wrong sia... haha... mebbe she can help us serve him his retribution. Revenge of the ex-es... haha.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Debunking the Myth

Something i forgot to mention yesterday.... contrary to popular belief that one shd use the sunscreen 24/7...

According to my skin doc, that is merely a marketing gimmick. I was told to swear off sunscreen unless i am gg to the beach or really exposing myself to the sun for long hrs. Hence, if i am gonna be indoor most of the time, there's no nid to put any sunscreen. I am very pleased to hear that given that i am a very lazy person when it comes to piling on products on the face.

Anyways, just when i am feeling slightly better... i fall sick again...!@#$% The drippy nose is blocking my airways and i tink the lack of oxygen is make me feel all weak and tired all the time. Very sickening feeling, it thwarts all plans i hv for the whole week.

I wanna be WELLLLLLLLLLLL......

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Discoveries of the day

1. my skin doc whom i hv known since 7yrs ago actually share the same bday as me.

2. there's a story abt the origins of "YOUTIAO" and it is related to Yue Fei... i tot tis guy only made tattoo on the back famous. Didnt know there's another story sia and the funniest thing is the person who told me the story is none other than my crappy fren whose doesnt really speak much chinese... warao. puts me.. the one that comes from a chinese sch to shame sia.

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Friday, June 08, 2007

Sick of Being Sick

Arrgh... hate the feeling of being down wif fever and sore throat. It just nvr seem to go away and gets worse each time when i wake up.

Being sick like this makes me constantly hungry and queasy in the stomach... not eating gimmes gastric pain, overeating gimmes gastric pain too. !@#$#%

And the worst being, why does medicine hv to taste awful when one is already feeling damn awful?


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Friday, June 01, 2007


What i want, i dun hv. What i dun want, i hv tonnes....

Tmd... so now.. I am so not wanting to be rich, to be thin, to be pretty, to hv a cute guy hanging off my arm lah.

Life's a bitch!!!

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An extremely confused individual who cannot decide to be tanned or fair but loves the sun, sand and sea anyways.

An extremly short attention span individual who can nvr enjoy doing the same thing for too long.

An extremely stubborn individual who likes to insist on her ways just to prove a point sometimes.

An extremely unpredictable individual whose mood changes faster than when u say SUPERNOVA.

An extremely crazy individual who is currently trying to get herself obsessed with all things STAR.

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