Sunday, April 29, 2007

My Problem, Your Problem, Their Problem...

Sometimes i seriously think i do have some sort of personality or attitude problem. Like i will tell ppl now and then, i tink i have a "People" Problem (read: problem with people). I am not as frenly or as sociable as most ppl tink i am. Deep down, i tink i am actually very anti-social.

Then again if i really hv some sorta personality problem, i do wonder also how come i still have a quite abit of friends that i can communicate freely with ... could all those ppl that i cant communicate with, the ones that really have a problem and not me. haa... actually i do hope it is them and not me, with the problem.

Anyways, i hv written a few ppl off my life cos i seriously cant talk to them anymore. I noe this sounds really mean but when there's no way that you can communicate with someone.. be it cos of different frequency or cos of the fact that i cant stand talking to them (either we cant see eye to eye, they just dun get it or they just like to act atas). Basically i have stopped talking to these ppl cos somehow they kinda lost their credibility with me and i didnt feel like i could believe their words and hence lost complete interest in talking to them anymore. And the older i get, the more choosy i am over the ppl i can talk to. And also, the lesser i feel like talking to ppl.

I do think if loneliness is not a problem. I would actually enjoy being alone all the time. Seriously, am i normal?

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Rude by Choice

A serious afternoon conversation with an old fren from poly turned into some seriously crappy conversation and i was reminded of how i used to hv tis Rude By Choice identity back in poly days.

I was said to have influenced him not to pay attention to lecture. He reminded me of a certain rude remark which i made.

We used to hv tis really boring indian lecturer and i said that "The carpet prints in the LT is even more interesting than his lecture." Frankly, i couldnt rem who that boring indian lecturer was and that i did make such a remark. Accdg to my fren, i hv made great sense with that remark and thus he decided to sleep thru his lectures from that day onwards. Haa...

Those were the days of great fun in poly... i wish i am back in sch now. Back to those times.. the best days of my life.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Vanishing Act

I shall disappear till I feel better... dun feel like seeing anyone except virtually.

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Stay Home Sunday

It's good to stay home once in a while... u get much accomplished and u dun hv the guilt feeling of wasting ur time in mall thinking that everything looks damn beautiful and u just gotta buy it. Yes, that's wat i hv been doing for the past few weekends and not counting those accidental buys throughout the week while i pass by those damn shops.

Anyways, i was sick of the mess in my laptop, desktop and ipod... and so i spent the whole damn day doing "housekeeping". And i am glad to announce that I AM FINALLY DONE WITH THINGS.

So now who wants all my mp3s? i hv about 10GB but 30% are korean though.

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Friday, April 06, 2007

Supernova tries to be irritating

i wonder if it wld be really irritating to do tis.... tot tis up out of sheer boredom and from the very fact that i realised i am hvg problems understanding programs in mandarin if they speak too fast and without subtitles. It's like 我是华校生 lor, how can tis happen to me? And so i shall start to speak to all my Ch 5 frens in mandarin and all my Ch 8 frens in

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

"When it comes to love, I'm an introvert." - JJH

lol... i tot that was really a nice and cute way to put things.

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Smarty Pants & Divine Help

U can trust me to do the most kuku things... i had to go without a fone until 6.45pm today ALL BECAUSE...

i was damn kei kiang. i switch off my hp before i went to sleep yest night (something which is out of my normal routine. hp is alwis on 24/7) and this morning when i woke up, i conveniently forgot that i had set a lock code for my hp and i freaking lost that damn code. Usually i wld use this specific set of code which i have been using all these years for every of my hp. Being the smartypants, i happily change the lock code and forgot that i did. !@#$

Anyways, alot of work was hampered cos i couldnt use my hp though i can still receive incoming calls. I had to go for my appts and cross my fingers that my clients will turn up cos i cant rem their numbers and if they couldnt find me, they wld call me. And i really only had time to go to the nokia service centre at like 6plus in the evening.

Upon reaching the scv ctr, i was given the bad news that i can only get back my hp the next day and that all my existing data will be wiped out. This totally made my otherwise already bad mood worse. So whilst waiting for my turn, i was wishing in my heart that there wld be some divine help that could save me from tis damn hassle.

Guess wat! I had IMMEDIATE divine help right after wishing. I broke the code and unlock my hp! Sheer feelings of ecstasy... haha!!! I was so happy that i just cant help but keep smiling to myself (tink i probably look like an idiot doing so)

Anyways, lagi happy lah!

*And for tis, i earned an un-deserving frenster testimonial... !@#$%!!! Fren, i felt bullied but i will still approve the testimonial*

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Half Skiving...

Haa... 2 movies down.

Had the privilege of catching two movies today - Breaking and Entering & Number 23.
Was planning to watch both alone sometime over the week but along came two separate friends who were free.

Who says one cannot mix work with pleasures...

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An extremely unpredictable individual whose mood changes faster than when u say SUPERNOVA.

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